Centro Comercial La Fábrica Patio Outlet




Patio La Fábrica Outlet is the first project of Patio Comercial exclusively addressed to discount stores. It is located in the old facilities of Manufacturas Sumar, thereby carrying out a heritage rescue of the old textile factory through the preservation of its structure.

With more than 18,213 m2 of GLA, it has near 63 stores, food court and modern MUVIX cinemas.

  • Contact Patio Comercial: contacto@patio.cl
  • Carlos Valdovinos 200, San Joaquín
  • Phone: (56-2) 2979 6600

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General features:

  • Location: Carlos Valdovinos 200, San Joaquín
  • GLA: 18.213 m2
  • Stores: 63
  • Parking lots: 740
  • Ground surface: 37.062 m2
  • AUM: UF 2.016.234
  • Major customers: Adidas y Piccola
  • Operational start-up: 17-08-16