Estación de Servicio Patio Presidente Ibáñez



Patio Presidente Ibañez is a service station located in Ave. Presidente Ibañez, in Puerto Montt City. It is only 130 m. away from a supermarket, 2.8 km. from the Main Square and 3.4 km. from the bus station of Puerto Montt. This station distributes Shell gas and fuel, and holds a small Upita Store as well.

General features:

  • Location: Presidente Ibañez Nº2002, Puerto Montt
  • GLA: 2.080 m2
  • Stores: 3
  • Parking lots: 7
  • Ground surface: 1.642 m2
  • AUM: UF 41.298
  • Major customers: Shell
  • Operational start-up: 01-01-11